Thursday, July 10, 2008

My Many Faces

I thought a post on my many facial expressions and what they mean would be good for people who are not real close to me.

This is my "I'm just happy to be here face."
This is my "Holy crap that was a funny thing I just said" face.
This is my "I'm so sad" face. 
This is "Why are people being so mean to me" face. 
This is my "Whatever" face. 

I'm a camper

I always have to be prepared when I set out for a hike or camping.  I always bring 3 things with me just in case.  Even if my trip is up the street and back I always bring 1. my green poncho 2. my lucky sandals ( I wear them with socks in the winter time, hey their lucky.) 3. a picture of Denzel Washington (a black man.)
I'm real tired and I just out of my car
I'm thinking of Denzel 
Playing hide & seek
Saving my lucky sandals

Hi, I'm Jamie

Hey ya'all!  No I know what your all thinking, "Why is Jamie starting a blog when she is only 18 years old and not marriedand no children."  Well, When my hero and mentor, Brianne Wolfgramm started her blog, I got a little jealous.  Because she does such a cute blog and I love to get on her blog and see all the fun things that she is doing.  So I decided everyone else needed a glimpse in to the secret life of Jamie P. Wilson ( P. stand so Penelope FYI) and so my parents can keep an eye on me. (Okay really it's for anyone that knows any single guys they want to set me up with, potential marriage material please.)